2022 Whipman’s Report

Gregor Brown

Linton Whipman 2022

As you know, our journey started almost 3 years ago through Facebook live with the Whipman Play Society’s very own version of through the keyhole and I count myself fortunate that during what was a difficult time for everyone, we still got to bring some Whipman festivities to the village via the virtual Whipman week!

Roll on to 2022 and it’s a year I will never forget, being installed as the Whipman on the Friday evening was an honour and a privilege. The week that followed went by in a flash, from the rideout on the Saturday, to the sports day and everything in between was an experience like no other! It was great to see everyone from the village back out on the green once again celebrating Whipman week in full.

Whipman week was only the beginning of a great summer spent visiting many other towns and taking part in their festival’s. It was a whirlwind of installations, ride outs, social events and formal engagements across the Scottish Borders. While we had taken part in many of the ride-outs previously, we had never taken part in the festivities that went on through the week and we thoroughly enjoyed experiencing how each town marked their own traditions in a different way.

We would like to thank Guy and Delia our right hand support and Adrian and Fiona our left hand support for their guidance through all of these events as it  was invaluable, and we hope provide the same guidance to the incoming Whipman and his Lass.

If there is one bit of advice, I could pass on to the next Whipman and his Lass it would be to take the time to enjoy every moment as before you know it you’ll be looking back over a fantastic year and writing your own Whipman report.