2023 Whipman’s Report

Fraser Kay

Linton Whipman 2023

2023 will be a year that will forever be hard to beat! Having followed the Whipman Play for many years, I knew it was an exciting opportunity not to be missed. When I was approached to be Whipman for 2023, there was only one answer. Having ridden years ago, I dusted off my hat and started back riding. This would become, for me, the best part of my year. I particularly enjoyed doing the Border Common rides and participating in other towns festival rides. It was a pleasure to be a part of those town’s festivities and traditions where we made many friends and a summer full of memories.

Our summer was a mixed bag of weather, but the sun shone bright for Whipman. The week saw crowds in their plenty gather to support and participate in the various events. The Green was a thriving hub hosting the kids races, pillow fights, barrow races and sports and it was fantastic to see the community come together. Leading our own cavalcade on horseback through the village and around its bounds was a day I will never forget and hope to remain a part of for years to come.

I feel so incredibly lucky to share this experience not only with my wife but with our two children, Murray and Eilidh, who both embraced this summer enjoying days out to other town’s festivals and being ambassadors for West Linton. Vikki has been a supportive and encouraging Lass who has been with me throughout the summer. I am thankful to her and I know that it wouldn’t have been half the fun without her. As a family, we have so many fantastic memories and look forward to supporting the new Whipman and Lass for 2024.

As we hand over the reins to this year’s principals, we do so with a tinge of sadness but also excitement for the next chapter. We have made the very most of every opportunity and with that, grateful for the friendships and experiences that those opportunities have given us. We were well supported by Gregor, Lucy, Guy and Delia and hope that we can share the wisdom and friendship that was extended to us with the new Whipman and Lass.