The Gallant Linton Whipman

When summer smiles in sweet delight,
And fields are starred with daisies white,
Upon a certain gladsome night,
Rejoicings start in Linton.
In Festal mood, our village gay,
Resolves to hold upon that day,
The Ancient jovial Whipman Play,
Upon the Green at Linton

Then gather here from far and near,
Salute the flag you hold so dear
And raise your voices now to cheer
The Gallant Linton Whipman

We choose a man of local fame,
A man who bears an honoured name,
To ride the bounds, to rule the game,
To lead the dance in Linton.
He lifts the time-worn banner high
And casts his colours to the sky,
His Lass, with pennon lovingly,
Bedecks the Flag of Linton.
Repeat Chorus – Then gather here etc

May peace within our village dwell,
Our Whipman live long years to tell,
The tale of how he carried well,
The Ancient Flag of Linton.
And may we one and all be gay,
Upon this happy holiday,
And long to see the Whipman Play,
Another year at Linton.
Repeat Chorus – Then gather here etc.

Tune –