Silhouettesman 2021

With help from some Whipman past, Team Silhouettesman has made a lot of horses!
We’ve can’t feed them all and clearing up after them has become a real chore! They need to be rehomed, and soon.
In lieu of the real rideout this year, our proposal is a rather arty affair. We are asking all our local children to work up some designs on the supplied worksheets, the more colourful and imaginative the better and these can be submitted to Whipman and Silhouettesman for a series of prizes for our favourites.
In addition, we have arranged for the larger cut out horses to be painted up by the children by class, ready for collection the week starting the 1st June, in time for us to set up around the Lower Green for a sculpture park parade in time for Whipman rideout Saturday on the 5th June. It’s not a hundred or so horses with their riders going through the river, but it should provide us with a rather impressive spectacle and a COVID safe way for everyone to enjoy and celebrate Whipman for 2021.
We’re going to be delivering these along with some colouring in sheets to West Linton Primary School, pre-school, Newlands Primary School, Westies, The West Linton Nursery and Tea and Tots. There are enough for one per class.
Silhouettesman has also made some much larger horse and riders for your enjoyment  These limited edition beauties stand just over 6 feet tall and will be delivered to anyone in West Linton, for the bargain sum of £20 (proceeds to the Whipman fund). THESE ARE NOW SOLD OUT!! To compliment the smaller horses, we want to see your most creative work on display on these horses. Whether it’s a tartan horse and rider, a Mr Blobby inspired work of art or simply your favourite tea cake label plastered across the plywood.
These will be delivered to your door sometime over the weekend 15th/ 16th May and collected again the week commencing 1st June so there’s not an awful lot of time so get your thinking caps on. Silhouettesman and Whipman will organise the installation of these on the Lower Green with the smaller horses for the spectacle that is the Whipman horse parade 2021. If you’d like to display them outside your house/ business in the interim, that would be great too.